Why Would You Have Your Agility Dog Adjusted?

For the same reason a human athlete does. Prevention of injuries is the number one reason. When the body is in top physical form; muscles toned and strong, cardiovascular system in optimum condition and function, immune system enhanced and efficient, and the skeletal system flexible and free of subluxations, the athlete has a greater potential for enhanced performance free from injury, pain, and restricted movement.

A  subluxation is the limited mobility of adjoining vertebrae. If a restriction is present, the spine loses its normal mobility which can lead to stiffness, muscle tension, pain, impaired performance ability, and a compromised connection between the brain and the entire body.

Some subluxations cause only slight impairments where the animal may be less mobile, active, or playful. However, subluxations can cause noticeable impairment in the performance of sporting, racing, and hunting dogs.

An animal with a subluxation will change its posture to compensate for the for the restricted mobility of its spine and to avoid pain. This causes mechanical strain on other parts of the spine and extremity joints, which causes secondary restrictions and deterioration of the condition.

Symptoms of subluxation in small animals can include pain, dysfunction, and abnormality in mobility or posture.

Chiropractic care is vital in providing optimal health and conditioning for your agility dog.