All About the Animals

Animal owners see weakness, pain and dysfunction relieved everyday through chiropractic care. At Animal Kingdom Chiropractic, we’ve seen animals with chiropractic conditions often respond dramatically to adjustments. Animals want to feel better, and when they do, it shows!

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We Love Our Dogs

Our best friends are always there for us. Sometimes they need a little extra TLC to help them recover from an active lifestyle. Is chiropractic care right for your dog?

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Hear Our Stories

See testimonials from pet owners on how Chiropractic care helped their furry friends.

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Dogs,  Cats,  Horses,  and more!

Welcome to Animal Kingdom Chiropractic

Animals love us unconditionally. They wait long hours for us to come home, or to come out to the barn or pasture. They depend on us for shelter, food, physical care, and love. As an animal chiropractor, Dr. Claudia Cottrell\'s personal mission is to assist in nurturing that human-animal relationship. By providing chiropractic care, animals benefit by being healthier, being stronger, being happier, and living longer.

Dr. Claudia Cottrell of Animal Kingdom Chiropractic has over 27 years of chiropractic experience and is certified by the International Veterinary Chiropractic Association.

Relief of Pain and Symptoms

Return to Full Function

Promote Full Healing

Reduce the Likelihood, Severity, and Frequency of Recurrences

Prevent the Development of Degeneration

Just like people, animals large and small can benefit from receiving from chiropractic care. At Animal Kingdom Chiropractic, we’ve worked with animals of all types and sizes to help them alleviate pain and discomfort including dogs, cats, horses and others.

Holistic Animal Studies 

Animal Kingdom Chiropractic has become an affiliate with Angel’s Animals.

Classes offered on the following:

Animal Nutrition

Holistic Animal Care: Cranial Sacral – Reiki – Massage – And Many More!

If you wish to become certified in some area of study, or just wish to provide your animals with more in depth care, this might be for you. If you have further questions please call our office at (218) 740-3379.

Blog and News from Animal Kingdom Chiropractic

News Spotlight on Animal Chiropractic Care

Fox News 21: Meet the Chiropractor Day 


In celebration of National Responsible Pet Owner Month, Dr. Lara Hill of Chiropractic Body and Life hosted Meet the Chiropractor Day with Dr. Claudia Cottrell. It was a fun and educational event to share how Animal Chiropractic Care can benefit our Furry Friends! Thanks to Dr. Lara Hill and Fox News 21 for spotlighting Animal Kingdom Chiropractic.

Pet Chiropractic Care Helps Promote Better Wellness For Animals