Our beloved dog, Shadow, of 11 years suddenly became paralyzed in her hind end.   My son had to carry his 90 lb. newfoundland/ lab mix outside to potty and from one room to another for 3 weeks.  We were advised to take her to the cities for a veterinary MRI and that it was likely cancer.  This option was not financially possible for us and we began to consider end-of-life options.   Remembering a truck with “Animal Chiropractor” written on the side more than two years ago, we looked up Animal Kindgom Chiropractic.  We took Shadow…and Dr. Claudia performed nothing short of a miracle!!!  After 4 visits Shadow resumed her daily walks and jaunts to the dog park.  She is now running alongside her familiar friends :). THANK YOU, DR. CLAUDIA!!!

  • Kiel, Anja, Shadow and Kari Wright