Lacy is my 13 year old lab/golden.  She injured her spine somehow and was almost completely paralyzed, only able to move her front paws a bit and feel deep pain in her rear.  Dr. Claudia adjusted her regularly while taking prednisone for a short time and taking a musculoskeletal supplement I purchased from her along with homemade bone broth and fish oil.  I was also given some home exercises to help her along, which I much appreciated and did massage on her limbs and along her spine.  We have continued the chiropractic and Lacy can now get up on her own and even RUN after about 2 months of treatment.  She still cannot do stairs without help, but her progress is amazing!  I am so glad I was patient for her to heal. Lacy is always happy to see Dr. Claudia and I will continue to bring her to help prevent future injury.  She really has a special gift to offer our fur babies.