Jack is an 11-year-old female mixed breed sweetheart. She is now a “retired” therapy dog. Sometime after a younger dog Bentley joined our family, Jack seemed to slow down — drastically. She yelped when trying to play with Bentley. On a car trip out west, she unexpectedly began to yelp and cry when she turned around in the back seat of the car. She had a very hard time sitting and walking, and she could not put weight on her left hind. She also stopped eating. We thought we might have to put her down. When we got home from the trip we took her to the vet, who put her on muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatory drugs. They didn’t help. 

We then brought her to Dr. Claudia. Her shoulders were visibly distorted. After the very first adjustment, Jack’s ears perked, her eyes brightened, and she did her “happy dance.” We were amazed! After just four adjustments, she was like a six-year-old dog. She now receives adjustments on a quarterly basis, or as needed. She chases Bentley, runs up and down the stairs, and is enjoying her “retirement” to the max. Thank you Dr. Claudia!