BellaSeptember 2014 my mare, Bella, was in a traumatic driving accident. She went down, trapped in the shafts. I was ejected from the cart. I maintained my grip on the driving lines which resulted in Bella’s head, neck, and spine being torqued to the right.

Bella was hurtin’. She was in so much pain that she felt the need to protect herself from Doc Claudia’s initial treatment.  A difficult patient at best. A dangerous patient at worst. Claudia managed to find the problem areas in Bella’s spine and keep herself safe for both the investigation and treatment.

Bella suffered major trauma both physically and mentally. Claudia was steadfast, positive, and caring as she worked with Bella and supported me. Initial diagnosis and treat was completed in November 2014. Regularly scheduled appointment through May 2014 helped Bella become sound in body as I work with her mind.

March 2015 was a benchmark date for the three of us. The pattern of areas needing adjustment changed. To a chiropractor, any change is good. Bella learned Claudia was there to help ease pain not cause pain.

May 2015 marked the end of 6 months of rehabilitation of Bella’s spinal column, SI, and associated nerves.

I so appreciate the whole body view Claudia’s background gives her when treating a patient. She looks at the whole of the animal, looking for the underlying causes. Her bedside manner is open and calming to both patient and owner. The knowledge she brings with from her human chiropractic practice serves her well as she looks at animals from a unique vantage point.

Doc Claudia shared with me that she does this to help the animals. She was integral in helping Bella heal physically, and become more comfortable mentally. Her preventative and trauma care are a regular part of my horses’ and my cats’ health care.