Cutting Horses

If you have or ride a cutting horse, or even if you have seen cutting horses in action, you can understand how these horses can get sore and painful. They are working hard and use a lot of strength getting low in the front end and rapidly moving side to side. For many cutting horses, nonworking hours are spent almost exclusively in the stall.

This activity requires much training and strong bodies. But like any athlete, injuries can occur. When areas of the spine become compromised from activity or prolonged periods of stall time, chiropractic can be vital in getting the horse back into competition successfully. Any area of the spine can be affected, but lower neck, withers, and pelvis are common areas of concern. Through chiropractic adjustment, we can restore proper motion and flexibility in all areas of the spine, improve the horse’s bio-mechanics, improve balance, increase muscular strength, enhance performance, and reduce pain.

Chiropractic can prevent injuries, prolonging the working life of the horse, and helping to control pain.